Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday odds and ends

It was not a good day for Hendricks Motorsports at MIS Speedway. Of their 4 cars entered in the race, Jeff Gordon got caught up in a wreck in the first few laps, Dale Jr. blew an engine while leading, Kasey Kahne had a flat tire while leading that took him into the wall, and just when Jimmy Johnson was closing on leader Greg Biffle in the closing laps -- he got a flat tire too. So what are the odds that Danica Patrick would not only run the whole race without somehow wrecking her car -- but also finish ahead of all 4 Hendricks drivers? Maybe about the same as Brandon Inge winning the Triple Crown? Me writing a Pulitzer winning column?

Phil Mickelson choked it away at yet another major. If ever there was a walking enigma as a golfer -- it's Mickelson. The man seemingly has every shot there is on any golf course. He's not only an extremely good ball striker -- he can create shots that most pros wouldn't even think about -- and do them well. In the final round of the US Open, Phil even knocked one in the hole from the fairway for an improbable eagle. His bunker and iron play are supreme. Problem is -- he can't seem to make a putt from inside 8 feet. He missed several earlier today, and several more over the first 3 days of the tournament. If he makes even half of those, he wins the Open going away. But for some reason, the hole shrinks up into pea-size when Phil is standing over a 6-footer. Either that, or his collar gets tight. You know what they say.....  drive for show -- putt for dough. Poor Phil's still got a serious case of the yips.

On a related front -- Tiger Woods quickly hacked and whacked himself into oblivion. Last time I looked, he was over 10 strokes back. Hmmm. That gives me another idea for a blog post tomorrow.

Talk the talk before walking the walk Dept.

It seems first year Detroit Tiger Torii Hunter has become the spokeman for the team. In a way, he sort of replaced the above-mentioned Brandon Inge. Great smile, terrific personality, ultimate pro, always open to the fans and media --- it's hard NOT to like the guy. Alas, like Inge, Hunter has had a long career -- but never won squat either. No, division championships and gold gloves don't count. That's like giving out an award for the longest driver on the PGA tour, even though the guy has never won a major. Who cares?

Even worse, Detroit Lions newcomer Reggie Bush has assumed the role of a "leader".  How the hell can a guy be a leader when he hasn't played a single down for the team yet? Are they THAT devoid of leadership everywhere else? This is not a good sign. The local media is trumpeting Bush's skills to high heaven, though incredibly he has yet to see game action as a Lion, because that's what they do -- but yours truly thinks there was a reason the Miami Dolphins -- not exactly a powerhouse themselves -- didn't make much of an attempt to retain his services. Nor did any other NFL teams clamor for Reggie. So now he's a Lion. Would it be asking to much for Bush to actually accomplish something on the field during real games like, you know, running and catching before he starts flapping his gums?

Idle thought: It's been reported that many of the Lions' players are coaching up other players that play the same position. It's one big happy family and everybody wants the best for the team. Stop right there. If it was you, would you REALLY give a bunch of important tips to someone else competing for your job, so when the boss has to make a choice -- YOU might be the one out the door? Only a crazy person would do such a thing. Huh. On second thought, it IS the Lions. Nevermind.

San Antonio thumped the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. What a weird series it's been. Blowouts back and forth. Now the Spurs have 2 games to win one for a championship. Yet if it holds true to form -- Miami will romp in Game 6 at home. Obviously, that would set up a Game 7 for all the marbles -- again in South Beach. Miami would definitely be favored.

But give wily Spurs' head coach Gregg Popovich a shot at a one game takes all scenario -- especially given he would have seen the other team 6 times already --  and I wouldn't be so sure about the outcome. If there's any rabbits left in the hat -- he'll find them. Yeah, I still think Miami will win it -- but underestimating Coach Pop.......

And a belated Happy Father's day to Roy. Hope you enjoy the dish I sent along. The one in the corning ware that tastes good -- not the other..... well -- you know.

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