Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An apology

As Al, and many others, have since pointed out to me, the whole premise of my last blog post was wrong. While I normally do what I consider to be sufficient research before writing something, that time I missed the obvious.

I suppose I could have deleted the last post and pretended it never happened, but that wouldn't be right, nor could I live with it.  I made a huge mistake and I'll own it. After the last rant about how nobody would be able to drink while the Lions/Chargers game was happening on Christmas day, and the consequences thereof -- it was all wrong, because the game will actually be played on Christmas eve, when no such alcohol rules will apply.

For that -- I offer no excuses, but merely humbly apologize. I messed up. Period.

If that makes me an idiot in some people's eyes -- so be it. It certainly won't be the first time, and likely not the last.

Or, on a positive note, for those that remember, perhaps you can call me Maxwell (not so) Smart.

After all, it was just one day off.

As Agent 86 would have said -- Only missed it by THAT much.

Thanks for holding my feet to the fire, Al and all, when I make such a bone-headed blunder. Believe it or not, I really do appreciate it.


  1. everybody makes mistakes. you messed up and then you manned up. thats good enough for me. keep on keeeping on.

  2. No prob Maxwell. It was never about you anyway. Agent 99 is the one that drove me to drink in the first place.

  3. Such are the perils of putting something out there with your name on it. Sometimes you miss. Everyone misses once in a while. Keep on truckin'.