Thursday, December 8, 2011

Revisiting the Walled Lake Western affair

The following is based on a recent news report, and expresses some observations based on that report, and others which preceded it. Indeed, as the situation appears to be fluent, these observations may or may not turn out to have any basis in fact. Like everything else that ever has, or ever will appear in this blog, it is merely an opinion and should be regarded as such -- and no more.

To anybody that cares to do so, you can read what yours truly initially wrote, way back on Oct. 26, a few days after the alleged hazing occurred. Go to the right side of the screen, scroll down, and click on October posts.

Back to the present. I don't know whether to feel sadness or outrage, but something is REALLY REALLY wrong here. Let's take a hard look at a few things -- then -- and now.

Then, we were led to believe some outrageous act had occurred. An unfortunate boy had been tied to a pole, mouth taped shut, and was beaten with pillows and sticks, against his will. Now, it comes out that the "victim" himself has said all along it was just "fooling around" -- no problem. This, from the Chief Assistant Prosecutor (CAP), one Paul Walton himself.  On top of that, it turns out it wasn't sticks -- it was pool noodles, those hollow foam rubber things toddlers use to stay afloat while they're trying to learn how to swim.

Then, it was insinuated the victim had been beaten around the face. Visions of contusions, black eyes, split lips, and perhaps worse, were conjured up. Now, it appears none of that happened.

Then, it was widely reported, a week later, the victim went to the hospital with possible post-concussion syndrome, which seems to be a hot topic in the sports world these days. Now, the CAP reveals that the kid was very clear in an interview at that time when he said he'd had headaches all his life.

Then, the Wixom Police Dept. "formed the opinion very early on that they didn't feel there was sufficient evidence to support criminal charges"..... and "we agreed" said the CAP. Now, it leaves one to wonder -- why wasn't the media informed of this, so they could call off the hounds?

Then, a couple assistant coaches were suspended, evidently for being negligent in their duties. One of those coaches, Bill Brennan, who had been a pillar of the community for his many years of service to student athletes, had hosted the party at his own home where this "atrocity" supposedly took place. The media smelled blood. Now, it turns out "Brenner responded appropriately. He heard a noise... and immediately went to check on them. The kid said 'We're just fooling around; No problem here'.... It was a well-supervised party. There was no indication that this was anything more than it was purported to be". Guess who said that? Yep. The CAP.

Really???? Then why did this drag out for almost 2 months before the public was finally enlightened with the truth, which, apparently, they knew early on?

To recap -- it seems the kid didn't really get beat up. His face wasn't a mess, nor was a concussion involved. By his own admission, he had no problem with whatever happened. It might have even been voluntary on his part. Who knows? Near as I can tell, he never went crying to the cops, nor did his parents. Attorneys? They always sniff for money. It's in their DNA. That task might be difficult, seeing as how the prosecutor has admitted there's no criminal case, and civilly, the "victim" appears to just want it to go away.

Then, it was a sensational story. On October 26, yours truly said, hang on a sec, this ain't over yet. Now, as The Bard once wrote -- it appears to have been Much Ado About Nothing. I won't name names here, but some people should be ashamed of themselves -- and they know who they are.

Of course that brings Jerry Sandusky of Penn State and Bernie Fine of Syracuse to mind. Those were in my November blog posts. Yeah, I know. Shameless self-promotion, but what the hell, it's not like I'm getting rich writing this stuff, ya know?

Seriously, how about, just for ONCE, unlike the Walled Lake debacle, we wait until all the evidence has been gathered and, if it even COMES to a trial, the jury has been chosen and seated, the prosecution and defense have presented their opening statements, witnesses have been examined and cross-examined, all the testimony has been heard, closing statements delivered, and the jury has properly deliberated and returned it's verdict before we rush to judgment regarding matters we really don't know anything about except what the media wants to sensationalize? Is that asking too much?

Typically, it appears many have already decided Sandusky and Fine are guilty. I hope they're wrong. No, not because if they actually committed the crimes would I want them to get away with them. Far from it. If that be the case, bring the hammer down. Hard.

In my own way, I want them to be found innocent --  because that would mean those things never happened to those kids. Kids lie all the time. Sometimes parents even "coach" them when they smell money.

Let's just see how it plays out, OK?


  1. Its outrageous how the press will always put a story on the front page when they think its sensational, but when they botch it after ruining reputations and get proven wrong, they never get held accountable.