Monday, December 12, 2011

Tim Tebow

Tebow may or may not be a lot of things, but it's surely safe to say he's captured national attention. This guy's getting more ink and sound bytes than President Obama and all his potential Republican challengers combined. Yet, much like politicians, nobody seems to be able to quite put their finger on exactly just what it is they're seeing with Tebow.

Obviously, he was a tremendously successful QB at the Univ of Florida, not only winning the Heisman trophy, but leading them to 2 national titles in his tenure there. Some said the NFL gurus would not be interested in him as a QB, because he didn't "fit the mold", whatever that is. It appears they were mistaken.

Consider the Denver Broncos -- Tebow's team. They swapped Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton of the Chicago Bears a while back. That turned out to be a pretty bad trade for football in Denver, except for Tebow. Unfortunately, Cutler suffered a broken thumb a couple weeks ago, but he'd turned into quite the leader for the Bears. Orton eventually fell off the radar. Enter Tebow.

Sure, the Detroit Lions came to town and spanked the Broncos, but Tebow was brand new as a starting QB. Since then he has 10 passing TDs, 2 interceptions, and a couple rushing touchdowns. He's not putting up gawdy numbers ala Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers, but other than Rodgers and the Packers -- guess what -- nobody has a better winning percentage over that time. In the NFL, isn't that what counts?

Still, people doubt him. He's winning ugly, they say. Maybe so. Bobby Layne won ugly. Fran Tarkenton and Joe Capp won ugly. Ken Stabler and Trent Dilfer won ugly. And there's a lot of QBs that just flat-out WERE ugly.

Tebow seems to experience some sort of epiphany during the course of his games. During the first 3 quarters, he's usually terrible. Then somehow, miraculously, he becomes unstoppable when the 4th quarter starts. Surely this has a lot to do with the Broncos' defense keeping the game within reach for the first 3 periods, but still, there's something very magical about it. Divine providence? Beats me, but it seems to work.

Still, the nay-sayers persist. Some have even questioned the validity of his religious beliefs. Did you know he was born in the Phillipines, where his parents were serving as missionaries?

Recently, someone pointed out that Tebow doesn't even go to church during the season. That's asinine. First, considering the NFL plays on the Sabbath, what's the guy supposed to do? Second, why is a church necessary? If one has "faith", and I do, believe it or not, one should be able to sit home and read scripture, pray directly to the Almighty, and attempt to live one's life accordingly, to the best of their ability. Who needs a middle-man with the inevitable "offering plate"? And, by the way, who preaches to the preachers? You won't see them going to other houses of worship and donating money. They all seem to think they have a hot-line to God. Yet, somehow, Tebow is criticized for this.

In the end, I have no idea how Tebow's NFL career will pan out, but I certainly wish him Godspeed in his endeavors, wherever they make take him.

Even if fate strikes a cruel blow and he suffers a career-ending injury in his very next game, he'll be just fine.

Because he's the real deal. He gets it. Just a humble man trying to make the best of the abilities he was blessed with.

Now, if only some others could start seeing that.....


  1. His parents are missionaries, pretty sure he knows that church is with you wherever you go.

  2. He's a good man, He's a good player and I think He's good for Football! You Rock T.T.

  3. These days you can go to church on any day of the week, I'd imagine. Just because society says church is supposed to be on Sunday, doesn't mean he's a bad Christian or not a Christian at all.