Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another mass killing!!! Bodies everywhere

Luckily, I escaped relatively unscathed. It was absolutely gruesome. Thousands of spectators watched on in horror. No one should ever have to witness others, much less those they are fond of, being subjected to such atrocities. The helpless wide-eyed victims were systematically tortured and toyed with before they were methodically mowed down. These are the sort of terrible things that can haunt a person for life with recurring nightmares.

Others had warned me of the dangers of visiting such a high-risk zone with a recent history of so many godawful abuses, but I thought I could handle it. I was wrong. The sheer magnitude of it happening right in front of my eyes overwhelmed me. Never again, or at least until some semblance of order and common decency replace the merciless tyranny that is currently going on.

Yep, I went to a Detroit Pistons game at the Palace a while back. They got slaughtered. It was brutal.

What? You thought I was talking about something else?

April Fools.

PS. That "relatively unscathed" part was my wallet. They had a special going on that night.

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