Saturday, March 23, 2013

NCAA Bracket busting

Did I hear that right? ESPN had over 8 million brackets submitted to them and, after just one full round of the NCAA hoops tournament, every last one of them is already broke? Wow. What are the chances of that?

But maybe that's what happens when you consider....

#10 Iowa State knocked off #7 Notre Dame. Well OK, not a huge upset.

#12 Ole Miss dispatched #5 Wisconsin.
#12 California bested #5 UNLV. Maybe those aren't too outrageous either.

Lasalle, a play-in team, trumped #4 Kansas State? That wasn't supposed to happen.

Combine those with the whiz-kids from Harvard, a #14 seed, brushing aside #3 New Mexico. I dare say few saw that one coming.

And OMG, #15 Florida Gulf Coast stared down the mighty #2 Hoyas of Georgetown? Probably 99% of the brackets not submitted from the Fort Myers area bit the dust on that one game alone. Florida Gulf Coast? Really?

So every bracketeer got busted just paring the field down to 32?  We all knew this tournament had no clear-cut favorite, and was wide-open, but gadzooks, you'd think out of all those millions of entrants, at least a few would have survived one full round. Has this ever happened before? Beats me.

Even more incredibly, Tiger Woods finished his round with three straight bogies at one of his favorite courses to go tumbling down the leaderboard? I couldn't have heard that right.

That NEVER happens.

Wow. And the weekend hadn't even started yet.

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