Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miami, Tiger, and the Lions

Well, let's see. The Miami Heat's consecutive win streak was broken in Chicago, Tiger Woods is once again the #1 ranked golfer in the world, and another Detroit Lion player has (allegedly) run afoul of the law. Nothing too surprising. Actually, all three almost seemed inevitable.

Defending champs Lebron and company may very well still be the best team in basketball, but nobody wins them all, and every streak gets stopped eventually. Unless, of course, one considers the Chicago Cubs not winning the World Series or the continuing absence of yours truly as the fold-out in Playgirl magazine. Despite how wildly popular either one of those events would surely be, perhaps the legions of potential adoring fans are destined to remain deprived. Alas.

Yep, Eldrick's #1 again, pretty much by default. He hasn't been playing all that great, but all the young golfing studs that were routinely taking him to the Woods shed not that long ago seem to have collectively regressed. Maybe the presence of Lindsey Vonn is more intimidating than we thought. At that, what in the world was Steve Stricker thinking when he gave Tiger a putting lesson, which apparently has worked wonders? Isn't that a little like telling your nemesis how to aim his pistol better before you face him down in a duel? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.....

And the Lions? C'mon. They're just being the Lions. A head coach that went berserk on the field chasing an opposing head coach. The same head coach that threw a challenge flag which cost his team the game, then later admitted he knew the rule all along but did it anyway. The very same guy that has posted an abysmal 22-42 record over 4 years, only to get a contract extension from that loveable, if decades-old dysfunctional entity called the front office of the Detroit Lions. Throw in a stomp here, a groin kick there, alcohol abuse, one Lion slugging another during a mere scrimmage, and the slugger eventually deciding the team playbook didn't matter. He'd run his own plays. Add a heaping helping of draft choice busts, mysterious car crashes, multiple drug offenders, and an absentee owner. Is it any wonder a few free agents the Lions had with any marketable value bailed for other teams?

Now they have a player that stands accused of some sort of domestic violence and endangering a child. Ironically, this alleged aggressor was slated to play alongside the above-mentioned teammate that was on the receiving end of the abuse from the guy that made up his own plays as the game went along.

Jeez, and I thought the Barnum and Bailey & Ringling Bros. travelling circus went out of business. Not to worry. The greatest show on earth is alive, if not so well, in Detroit.

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