Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reggie Bush - Detroit Lions thoughts

The Detroit Lions have signed running back Reggie Bush to a 4-year contract. Most consider this a good fit and I agree, though for possibly different reasons.

Coming to a new team is never easy for a player. It takes them a while to get adjusted to all the different things that will be going on. Even though Bush will have many practices and all of the preseason to learn the new system, it might take him a few "real" games before he gets totally comfortable.

So if Bush really started to roll around the 5th game or so, and the Lions reeled off 4-5 straight wins, could Bush become "Mr. October" in his very first year in Detroit? No, that won't work. Another Reggie has already laid claim to that name.

Just think. If the Lions hired a staffer to call the plays and personally coach up Bush while doing so -- and that assistant happened to be named Cheney -- Lions fans could have some serious shock and awe going for them. Hmmm. Somehow that sounds familiar. Or was that another Bush? Regardless, if they threw a lady named Rice into the coaching mix to provide some brain power, chances are good a lot of people would start getting scared. Very scared.

And hey, free agency isn't over yet. Besides Reggie, maybe the Lions will bring in guys named Archie, Moose, and Jughead. Now THAT would be taking a new direction. Or is that an old one? Beats me, but I'd bet it would gather plenty of national attention.

Actually, Reggie Bush should help the Lions. Though he's never been spectacular as a pro, he brings a lot to the table in running and pass catching ability. And he would certainly seem to be an upgrade as to what the team had before at his position. That includes a couple guys that were hit or miss at best, that may or may not have even made the roster of many other NFL teams and one poor devil who sadly, and quite literally, became a head case.

As an every down running back, even capable of an occasional big play, Bush might well provide a dimension the Lions have been sorely lacking. Sure, QB Matthew Stafford can throw for 5000 yards and wide receiver supreme Calvin "Megatron" Johnson can even set records, but in the big picture -- that's just not going to get it done by itself. Last season should be proof positive of that. They needed more.

Please notice yours truly has refrained from any Reggie/Lions/bush league cracks, though it IS tempting. I mean, c'mon, one measly playoff win since the Super Bowls even started -- way back when Lyndon Johnson was President? But OK, we'll let that slide.

Nevertheless, I'm glad his name is Reggie and not Anheuser. The Lions have already driven enough people to drink.

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